Chung-Hay Luk

I craft interactive experiences
through research and design

I craft interactive experiences
through research and design


I love exploration. It's what drives me as a User Experience (UX) researcher and designer — that thrill of uncovering people's intentions and frustrations, and then providing improvements. I'm known for my systems thinking, which facilitates understanding of contextual user behavior and creation of thorough design specs. I also value merging qualitative and quantitative data in informing design, given my 8+ years' experience doing psychological research.

Outside of work, I indulge in kawaii things, traveling, and prototyping interactive experiences. Ideally all at once!


An overview of my work is below. Please email me at [email protected] if you would like more details.

Redesigning a Google Glass app
UX/UI, user testing

Redesigned a Google Glass app for a B2B healthcare service. Prioritized service uptime and healthcare system requests for further customer expansion.
New user login page
Interaction design, user testing

Designed and tested high-fidelity mockups to allow new customers to onboard at their own pace.
New market for brain fitness software
Posit Science
UX/UI, prototyping, user testing

Designed, prototyped, and tested brain fitness software for a new clinical market pertaining to addiction treatment. Three pending patents.
Creating “game” assets
Posit Science
Image editing, user testing

Tailored game-like media assets in brain fitness software based on social and emotional attributes.
Doctoral thesis on choice behavior
University of California, Berkeley
Cognitive neuroscience research, data analysis

Studied the impact of passive viewing versus active engagement on choice behavior. Tracked subject-computer interaction from brain activity, eye movement, and physical engagement.

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Chung-Hay Luk
[email protected]
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