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Light-up Lingerie

Fiat Lux. Let there be light. The motto for UC Berkeley, which is the motif of the featured Cal-spirited panties that light up when touched. Pair that with a bra that twinkles depending on movement and together this lingerie will certainly prompt you to turn off the lights and enjoy some fun.

Below are details on three lingerie pieces I’ve done. I start with the bra that lights up during movement, then I follow with an LED flower thong and end with the Cal panties. I have created more pieces, which will be posted in the future. If you can’t wait, feel free to email me at luk at chunghay dot com.


Motion-activated Bra

This bra becomes activated by the wearer’s movement and lights up in a range of patterns. The bra has Aniomagic LEDs and controller boards sewn into it. The center piece contains a pocket for a battery that when closed tightly completes the circuit and lights up the LEDs in a particular pattern. When the pocket is left semi-closed, the light patterns become movement-dependent. Sometimes it twinkles, other times it is unlit. From experience, this bra makes for quite a few double takes from observant company.





LED Flower Thong

This thong has a silver chain that drapes nicely over the back, accenting the curves. On the front at one side is a dangling charm with a daisy that emits a yellow glow in the center. The petals are white Swarovski crystal beads that scatter the light to add sparkle.




Cal Panties

These panties have a blue bow in the back, which hides a battery and blue LED well. When you press at the center of the bow, the LED shines blue light upward into a translucent blue button. It’s made to remind the Cal fan/alumnus of the blue light that shines upward onto the Campanile during Homecoming and The Big Game week.


Demo of the Cal panties: