Science + Research + Art


My recent fashion statements reveal my passion for the arts, sciences, and technology. Outfits range from a dress that illuminates to sound paired with a necklace that blinks to my heart beat (a research project that has evolved into Sensebridge’s Heart Spark pendant) to non-electronic clothing with geek motifs. Click the photos to see more about the projects.

The sound illuminating dress and Heart Spark were in the eTextile and Wearable Computing Showcase at Maker Faire on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

The vibrato skirt will be in the Wearable Tech Showcase at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012.


Vibrato skirt


This plaid skirt pulsates with different colors of light through lace cutouts in the fabric. Lighting is based loosely on vibrations in the skirt and is diffused through fiber optic fabric. All electronics can be removed and mounted to another piece of clothing, thereby making wearable illumination more versatile.




Sound illuminating dress


This strapless dress lights up with a cool blue glow in response to loud sounds. The ambient sound level is picked up from a microphone. When it gets louder than a manually set threshold, the electroluminescent wire in the dress illuminates. All electronics and wiring can be removed, so that the batteries can be changed and the dress washed.



Heart Spark


This heart-shaped pendant necklace visualizes the wearer’s heart beat in different light patterns. Heart beat is picked up from a commercial chest strap worn by athletes and wirelessly transmitted to the pendant. A microcontroller on the pendant translates the signal into a light pattern of the wearer’s choosing.


Purchase here: Sensebridge’s Heart Spark



Light-up lingerie


Fiat Lux. Let there be light. The motto for UC Berkeley, which is the motif of this featured Cal-spirited panties that light up when touched. Consider pairing that with a bra, which twinkles depending on movement, and together this lingerie will certainly prompt you to turn off the lights and enjoy some fun.



Wearable graphics


Nerdy graphics abound from this UC Berkeley bioengineering t-shirt design shown on the left to a nerd-meets-neuroscience tunic top that reads Neurd.