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Wearable Graphics



Nerdy graphics abound from this UC Berkeley bioengineering t-shirt design on the left to a nerd-meets-neuroscience tunic top that reads Neurd. Then add a pair of html header tag earrings to compliment the geek chic wardrobe.




More on the bioengineering t-shirt

I designed this t-shirt for the Bioengineering Honor Society as our fundraising product that would be sold to all affiliates of the bioengineering program. The design encompasses the many facets of the department, like medical devices (electronics in the brain) to imaging (the microscope) to computation (LCD monitor with protein folding). It also illustrates the levels at which to study biomedical research: from person to system (cardiovascular traces from hand to heart to brain) to molecule (DNA) and beyond (alpha-helix and beta-sheet on the monitor).



Neurd Tunic Top & Matching Socks

The neurd tunic top is perfect for the neurophysiology fan. Using fabric pen, I modified the sash of a tunic top to read “Neurd.” It is flanked with an action potential on one side and a circuit diagram illustrating how such a signal would be read out via an oscilloscope on the other side. At a later date, I embroidered myself a similarly themed pair of neurd socks.





HTML Header Earrings

This is my take on the ubiquitous html header tag earrings. The keys come from a broken laptop orphaned at Noisebridge. I added some beads to make the earrings dangle.